Summer Suds

Last Sunday at Dolores Park was a very special day in terms of the quality of light available.  I was there celebrating a friend’s birthday when I noticed some bubbles flying by, only they were unusually large bubbles and they were flying high into the sky.  So I decided to get up and locate the source of these iridescent orbs.  I found him near the center of the park near the children’s playground.  He was completely surrounded by children with the hugest grins on their faces.  The light was really outstanding and I was able to capture some of the coolest images that I have in my library to date.  Below are about a handful of what I felt were the stronger images.  The first one below I worked on a bit in Photoshop.  Thanks for coming by!

Flying Suds

Art of Play

The Magic Payload

The Sneeze

A Scintillating San Francisco Sunday

Orb of Wonder

Iridescent Summer Daydream