Ambient Landscapes

I put this mix together in Ableton Live with the idea that it would be good thinking music, or music for getting work done. This mix has been downloaded a few dozen times on SoundCloud so I figured I’d submit it here as well. I like ambient style music because it’s not busy. I really appreciate the way ambient music requires patience from the listener. It’s not an instant-gratification style at all. There are longer spaces and increased separation between the elements, droning rhythms, colder sounds that echo to bring out the vast distance created by the sounds. Something about this kind of music really does it for me. I hope you like it as well. Just click the Download arrow on the player and throw it into your iTunes.

A Mix Tape for Angel Heart

I made this mix for Angel Heart the other night in Ableton Live.  You can download it by clicking on that little down arrow on the player above.

01 Belle & Sebastian – Electronic Renaissance

02 John Maus – Maniac

03 The Go Find – Dictionary

04 Broadcast – Michael A Grammar

05 Figurine – An Electronic Address

05 Erlend Øye – Sudden Rush

06 Komeit – Readymades

07 Pluramon – Turn In

08 Butcher the Bear – Snakes

09 The Go Find – Beautiful Night

10 R Garcia – Every Trip Around the Sun

11 Bibio – Bewley in White

12 Bobby Blumm – On An Unknown Beach

13 Mirah – Generosity

14 Calla – Promenade

15 Calla – Fear of Fireflies