The Language of Light pt 2

This new video of mine is a tribute to the magic of sunlight and its mysterious language. Nearly all of images in which light is the subject were recorded in my apartment after work during the early evening. My apartment is special in that way, because of the glorious warm light that comes in between the branches of my neighbors redwood tree, through my window, and dances along my walls. I believe that there are messages inside the movement of the light, as if it’s telling a story or singing a song.

I recorded the music for this video in Ableton Live. I chose chimes with delay and reverb because I felt it went well with the bokeh-like effect of the light artifacts. I’m using an acoustic guitar for several other layers of the tune as well, and the synth stabs are Reason. TR-808 drum machine with triplet timing. Thanks for clicking!

Late Afternoon Light Artifacts

I have been extremely fascinated by digital photography for years. In the time I have been capturing digital images I have gone through trends in what I am hunting down or searching for, visually. I have been interested in late night long exposures, close-ups of paint, cracked textures and blackout portraits to name a few of these trends. At some point down the line I realized that everything is about light. Light is what activates the magic in a photo. So I decided that I would focus on light as a subject. This video contains a few video samples of just that, and I created the soundtrack using Ableton Live.