Science Museum Architecture Abstraction

Walking by the Academy of Science museum today, I couldn’t help but to notice how sharply the protruding glass along the exterior looked over the crisp blue sky. It was a cold, wintery day in the City and that made it appear even sharper. So I decided to create a symmetrical abstraction out of it. I am going to try and get back into the swing of doing more image manipulation in Photoshop.

In a Fern Phase Lately

Lately I find myself to be in a fern phase. I have made several trips to Cole Hardware recently to go fern shopping. First I was taking care of a couple baby ferns in my apartment, but despite keeping a close watch and caring for them attentively, they just didn’t seem to be thriving. The leaves were turning brown. I tried more water and it helped a little but I could tell they weren’t feeling the dry attic air.

I planted one of the babies in the backyard soil and it seems happier now. There are several new branches rising up and becoming uncoiled further every day. So I made another trip to Cole Hardware, this time to pick up a much larger fern plant. I haven’t planted it yet, but it too now lives in the backyard in the shade. I imagine I’ll probably collect more in the near future.

For some reason I feel very drawn to ferns. The leaves are so visually rewarding and I can stare at the patterns that emerge from the math of the leaves and feel very calm and content, especially when the nice light beams down between the trees and illuminates the golden green of the fern leaves.