Cheering for Death in the Modern Age

I was saddened by the news that another cyclist in San Francisco was fatally struck.  I first saw the news from the KTVU feed on Facebook which I am subscribed to.  As I looked more closely at the post on Facebook, what immediately caught my attention was how many times the “Like” button had been pressed.  Maybe I’m reading too deeply into the context of “Like” in this situation, but after reading the comments, I’m starting to believe that “Like” does in fact mean “like”.  Check these out:

Nice I love it – Tony Valle

These damn bicyclists think they own the road. . Use you head . If you play with glass your gunna get cut.  – Rafael Tapia

They act dumb on the road – MsLivewire AllDay

There is no information available regarding the cause of this awful tragedy.  And yet bias guides so many to assume the cyclist was at fault, and according to some even deserved what happened.  That’s pretty screwed up, especially for a progressive city like the Bay Area. And here’s a snap of the Likes: cheering-for-death-of-cyclist It just seems to me like we are immersed in an age of complete detachment from the reality of tragedy, an age where unwarranted loss of life is celebrated with LOLs, smiley faces and hateful remarks.