It’s pretty neat how you can take an AVI file and convert it to an animated GIF in Photoshop. After all these years people are still making wretchedly lo-fidelity animation graphics from one of the original bitmap filetypes.

Images captured @ Greer Park in Palo Alto, CA

Isolating Leaves

I captured this image today on an afternoon bike ride through Golden Gate Park. For some reason I have become fascinated by the way leaves become illuminated in magic-hour sunlight. It took a good bit of consideration to get this leaf looking like this. I had to hold it at a very precise angle to flatten out the shadows. I also had to compose the shot in such a way so that a shady area of the park would appear behind the leaf. Dealing with the wind was another factor. The “Think Green.” part came to me while I was touching the image up in Photoshop. I have been thinking green a lot lately, especially in doing my latest project, which is to create a green business website for the the City of Richmond.

Kinetic Summer Daydreams

All video and music created by Andrew Van Wart and arranged in Ableton Live.

This particular video is a collection of HD Video clips that I captured with my Nikon D90. Kinetic Summer Daydreams is a concept. The song was written as a playful tune, but actually contains lyrics dealing with the controversy revolving around the recent Iranian presidential election. While the people of Iran took to the streets in support of reformist leader and presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi, the people of America took to their regular Summer activities. While there is a certain beauty to be found in Summer recreational activities, specifically here in California, what I’m actually going for in this video is to make an important comparison between the vacancy of American political involvement and the solidarity and passion of the Iranian people who are risking their lives to be able to enjoy the basic freedoms that Americans often take for granted.

Eclectic Recombination

This particular mix that I put together in Ableton Live™ contains quite an eclectic array of tunes, though the median aesthetic is hovering somewhere in the experimental zone.

Track listing:

01 Cepia – Dowry
02 Cepia – Wavebnc
03 Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Phenomena
04 Kelpe – Skylla
05 Seven Ark – Sixteen
06 Kettel – Halt Him (Tempo Change)
07 Nautilis – 888
08 Nautiuls – 777
09 Unknown
10 Funkstörung – No. 9
11 Jetone – Marilyn Chambers
12 Kettel – Peeksje 1994
13 SND – Unknown
14 Mitchell Akiyama – Big Sur
15 Farben – Texstar
16 Cloud – Thinking of You
17 Mateo Murphy – Point One
18 Tomas Jirku – Pohdka
19 Adam Johnson – Traber
20 Frank Bretschneider – Other Days, Other Eyes
21 Jan Jelinek – Facelift
22 Nautilis – Rochesta

Note: Many tracks appear simultaneously.

A Cover Song

Do Your Best (John Maus cover) by andywarthol

I decided to put together this cover song of John Maus’ “Do Your Best”. I only spent a few hours on it, but I’m relatively pleased with the result. Covering a song using Ableton Live is always a learning experience. It helps to teach about good song structure. Too often it seems people get really distracted by the technical stuff and forget about basic song writing technique. I feel that John Maus is a song writer that I can really identify with. He also has beautiful electronic sounds in his music and is also quite adept at the drum machine.