Kinetic Summer Daydreams

All video and music created by Andrew Van Wart and arranged in Ableton Live.

This particular video is a collection of HD Video clips that I captured with my Nikon D90. Kinetic Summer Daydreams is a concept. The song was written as a playful tune, but actually contains lyrics dealing with the controversy revolving around the recent Iranian presidential election. While the people of Iran took to the streets in support of reformist leader and presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi, the people of America took to their regular Summer activities. While there is a certain beauty to be found in Summer recreational activities, specifically here in California, what I’m actually going for in this video is to make an important comparison between the vacancy of American political involvement and the solidarity and passion of the Iranian people who are risking their lives to be able to enjoy the basic freedoms that Americans often take for granted.