Instagram Submissions for Photoworks Gallery

UPDATED 11/20/2012:  Photoworks has selected four images from the submissions below!  Wh00t!  The winners are highlighted in green.

Hello Photoworks! Here you will find my Instagram submissions for the upcoming gallery. I’ve selected images that might do well as 8×8″ prints.

You can enlarge any image by clicking on it, and once the image opens in the lightbox you can download the original file by right-clicking and choosing Save image as… in Chrome.

Thanks in advance for your time & consideration. :) Your friend, Andy.

  • Nickie Tilsner

    Can’t wait to see em hanging!

  • ojoblanco

    lots of good ones, tangent. congrats for the four being selected. it seems to me that lots of others could/should have made the grade… parabens!

  • Andrew

    Thanks, Ojo! Very cool to see you down here!

    It turns out only two were actually hanged, and they were printed at 4×4″ with 3″ white borders. The curators were getting creative.