Flowers for Grandma

Flowers for Grandma

Oleg, who is a buddy of mine from High School, recently asked me to photograph his grandmother for the family’s visual records. It was my pleasure to oblige this request. Though it was a wet and gloomy day here in San Francisco, the gray skies seemed to bring out the colors in the flowers while also allowing for nice skin tones.

I pretty much fell in love with both of them. I hope that they liked the images I got. It’s hard to know because they are so polite. It’s a bit hard being a portrait photographer sometimes, because you want to give people images that they can cherish, and images that make them feel good. However, it’s sometimes impossible to know if you’ve actually accomplished this.

Bridge Over the Bay

Bridge Over the Bay

The Bay Bridge has been closed and may not reopen for several more days due to a crack that was recently discovered.? There are also some general repairs taking place.? Now, there’s another bridge on the way that is eventually going to replace the Bay Bridge, but this project is still several years into the future.

My thoughts on the Bay Bridge – Not really a big fan.? You can’t bike over it.? How lame is that?

Bicycling w/ Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane

We took the CalTrain down to Palo Alto so that we could ride on smooth pavement in the warmth of the Peninsula.? The pavement in San Francisco is quite torn up and in dire need of rejuvenation.? In fact, you have to constantly stare at the road in front of you to avoid the thousands of pot holes that are just sitting there waiting to deliver strong, unexpected forces to your groin.? There are thousands of cyclists in San Francisco fiending for some of that stimulus money to go toward infrastructural improvements.? Riding in Palo Alto makes you realize just how bad the roads in SF really are.

Anyways, Sarah and I rode through the shady neighborhoods of Palo Alto admiring the pretty houses and general infrastructure.? I made it a point to take her down Bryant St, which is an official “Bicycle Boulevard” for commuters.? The trees along Bryant create a beautiful canopy that provides just the right amount of shade for riders on a hot afternoon.


Market Street Portraiture

Downtown Hotties
Today I was crossing over Market St around 5:30pm and the light was coming in really nice. I noticed it immediately. Then I saw these really smiley girls and my instinct told me to photograph them in the good light so I did. They were really enthusiastic about it, which I genuinely appreciate. It’s refreshing when people are stoked to let me take their portrait.

Finding Good Light

Catherine the Filmmaker

I met up with Catherine this afternoon at the De La Vega AIDS Memorial Grove in Golden Gate Park. Catherine is a filmmaker and is currently working on a project about the positive aspects of a changing economy. I have been interviewed for this project twice, and today we talked a lot about what it means to find the good light.

Her film will premiere in early October.