Isolating Leaves

I captured this image today on an afternoon bike ride through Golden Gate Park. For some reason I have become fascinated by the way leaves become illuminated in magic-hour sunlight. It took a good bit of consideration to get this leaf looking like this. I had to hold it at a very precise angle to flatten out the shadows. I also had to compose the shot in such a way so that a shady area of the park would appear behind the leaf. Dealing with the wind was another factor. The “Think Green.” part came to me while I was touching the image up in Photoshop. I have been thinking green a lot lately, especially in doing my latest project, which is to create a green business website for the the City of Richmond.

The Bridge At Twilight

Twilight at the Bridge

On Friday I went on a long bike ride with some friends.  We ended up at the Golden Gate Bridge right around twilight, and I was able to record this image using a steeper ISO than I usually like to use.  It’s pretty rare that I’ll use a tripod, so this is purely the work of steady hands.

I love the subtle convex perspective of the bridge’s architecture.  I also liked this image because to me it’s a good visual metaphor.  Last week was a lot of work and by Friday I just needed to blow off some steam and then cool off into the weekend.  It’s like the sunset colors in this image and the way the Bay appears calm and relaxed.

The Magic of Big Sur

Back in late March I rented a car and traveled south down Hwy 1 to Big Sur for a two-day camping adventure. I did a bit of hiking among the beautiful redwoods in Julia Pfeiffer State Park, and that was beautifully refreshing, but I think my best images were recorded while along the powerful shores of the Pacific. There is so much potential energy there and I believe you can feel it in some of these photos. Some of the below images are from my D90 and others are from my Holga. It should be relatively easy to tell them apart. Thanks for your eyes!

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