A Mix Tape for Angel Heart

I made this mix for Angel Heart the other night in Ableton Live.  You can download it by clicking on that little down arrow on the player above.

01 Belle & Sebastian – Electronic Renaissance

02 John Maus – Maniac

03 The Go Find – Dictionary

04 Broadcast – Michael A Grammar

05 Figurine – An Electronic Address

05 Erlend Øye – Sudden Rush

06 Komeit – Readymades

07 Pluramon – Turn In

08 Butcher the Bear – Snakes

09 The Go Find – Beautiful Night

10 R Garcia – Every Trip Around the Sun

11 Bibio – Bewley in White

12 Bobby Blumm – On An Unknown Beach

13 Mirah – Generosity

14 Calla – Promenade

15 Calla – Fear of Fireflies

Releasing My First LP

My MP3 Album Release Promo

{ Download }

After three years of learning music production using Ableton Live, I have compiled thirteen of what I feel are my strongest tracks.   It’s basically a mix of live performance, synthesizers, sequencing, reverb and repetition.  It’s interesting because when you can do anything you just want to branch out in all different directions.  I find it difficult to stick to any particular style, but I have found really sweet sounds while exploring the possibilities in Live.

Click on the link above to download the entire album, which includes a bonus music video. If you like it, you can communicate that to me with a donation. Thanks for listening!