The Mix Tape Cabinet

Track Blending by andywarthol
The jukebox above contains a variety of mixes that I have put together over the last two years or so, with the exception being the Makeout Mix. A quick breakdown of each of these compilations:

Everythings Okay

Lately it just seems like things are unstable.  The economy is still in turmoil.  Unemployment is still at 9.6%.  People are pinching pennies.  War rages on in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and now in Yemen.  Here in the U.S., many are upset with Obama, or so it seems.  There are real problems in the world, and here at home.  And yet I can’t help but to think of dear Jens Lekman when he says, “…but it’s hard to stay mad when there’s so much beauty.”  That’s what this mix is about.  Each track on this compilation is a back rub.  It’s to say that everything will be okay.  It’s mostly a rockier, band-driven compilation, though there are a few tracks that are more electronic.

Rachel Rotten

Rachel Rotten is an adult film actress.  I made this compilation because I was dating a girl who resembled Rachel.   She is a new-wave, dark-wave, synthpop lover so I decided to focus mostly on music that suited her tastes, though I do also branch out into some down-tempo and experimental.  There are also several tracks here that would be considered more emo, or indiepop-esque.

Iscipil Rotala

The first half of this mix is more concerned with IDM.  Then I very cleverly segway into tech haus and minimal.  Honestly this is one of my finer mixes.  Please download this.

Angel Heart Waves

A lot of electronica and indie on this mix.  Belle and Sebastien, John Maus, Broadcast, Figurine, Bobby & Blumm and Erlend Øye are a few of the artists featured.  A lot of sweet sentiments going on.  It’s playful, whimsical, and nostalgic.  I created the mix for a friend of mine in Florida.

Ambient Landscapes

The name says it all; it’s an ambient music compilation.  It’s definitely a more sophisticated sound and experimental in nature.  It’s not necessarily beatless ambient music.  It’s more work music for me than fall-asleep-to music.  It’s actually one of my most downloaded submissions on SoundCloud.

Glitch House Mix

The glitch house mix is also sophisticated, in my opinion.  It’s stripped down dance music that has been very carefully tailored for a more minimal approach.  This is some of the coolest stuff I’ve ever heard.

The Makeout Mix (2003)

Wow, 2003 seems like such a long time ago.  I recorded this mix back in college from vinyl onto MiniDisc.  There are some moments of brilliance, even if it’s a shorter mix.  The combination of Boards of Canada and Chris Isaak in this mix is quite striking and definitely worth a listen.

Selected Shoegaze

This is probably my least electronic mix, though it does contain some electronic music.  I’m trying to give reverb a voice with this mix, and it show it off to all the boys and girls.

Upcoming Performance Flyer

I am looking forward to my upcoming performance at Viracocha on Halloween. It’s not all that often that I perform my music. Still a little unsure as to which tracks I am going to play, but I think I am leaning toward doing more of a shoegazer-style set, playing guitar as much as possible, and avoiding my synthier works.

Eclectic Recombination

This particular mix that I put together in Ableton Live™ contains quite an eclectic array of tunes, though the median aesthetic is hovering somewhere in the experimental zone.

Track listing:

01 Cepia – Dowry
02 Cepia – Wavebnc
03 Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Phenomena
04 Kelpe – Skylla
05 Seven Ark – Sixteen
06 Kettel – Halt Him (Tempo Change)
07 Nautilis – 888
08 Nautiuls – 777
09 Unknown
10 Funkstörung – No. 9
11 Jetone – Marilyn Chambers
12 Kettel – Peeksje 1994
13 SND – Unknown
14 Mitchell Akiyama – Big Sur
15 Farben – Texstar
16 Cloud – Thinking of You
17 Mateo Murphy – Point One
18 Tomas Jirku – Pohdka
19 Adam Johnson – Traber
20 Frank Bretschneider – Other Days, Other Eyes
21 Jan Jelinek – Facelift
22 Nautilis – Rochesta

Note: Many tracks appear simultaneously.

A Cover Song

Do Your Best (John Maus cover) by andywarthol

I decided to put together this cover song of John Maus’ “Do Your Best”. I only spent a few hours on it, but I’m relatively pleased with the result. Covering a song using Ableton Live is always a learning experience. It helps to teach about good song structure. Too often it seems people get really distracted by the technical stuff and forget about basic song writing technique. I feel that John Maus is a song writer that I can really identify with. He also has beautiful electronic sounds in his music and is also quite adept at the drum machine.