The wheel is merely and extension of the foot…

…according to Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian philosopher and scholar of the early to mid 1900s.? The wheel came about when man realized it was easier to roll a log than to push it.? McLuhan’s most famous quote, however, is “the medium is the message”, but is perhaps better known in the field of Digital Media as the man who prophecized the advent of the Internet, or as he called it, the Age of Instantaneous Information Retrieval.

CalTrain Sunday

Riding CalTrain down to the Penninsula today for dinner at the folks’.? I’ve got my laptop as well and am working on a music video.

I’m also looking rather emo today, as usual.

Here’s the view from out the window.? I believe we’re somewhere in San Mateo right now.

There are a lot of cyclists riding the train today.

Bicycling w/ Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane

We took the CalTrain down to Palo Alto so that we could ride on smooth pavement in the warmth of the Peninsula.? The pavement in San Francisco is quite torn up and in dire need of rejuvenation.? In fact, you have to constantly stare at the road in front of you to avoid the thousands of pot holes that are just sitting there waiting to deliver strong, unexpected forces to your groin.? There are thousands of cyclists in San Francisco fiending for some of that stimulus money to go toward infrastructural improvements.? Riding in Palo Alto makes you realize just how bad the roads in SF really are.

Anyways, Sarah and I rode through the shady neighborhoods of Palo Alto admiring the pretty houses and general infrastructure.? I made it a point to take her down Bryant St, which is an official “Bicycle Boulevard” for commuters.? The trees along Bryant create a beautiful canopy that provides just the right amount of shade for riders on a hot afternoon.