It’s pretty neat how you can take an AVI file and convert it to an animated GIF in Photoshop. After all these years people are still making wretchedly lo-fidelity animation graphics from one of the original bitmap filetypes.

Images captured @ Greer Park in Palo Alto, CA

The Bridge At Twilight

Twilight at the Bridge

On Friday I went on a long bike ride with some friends.  We ended up at the Golden Gate Bridge right around twilight, and I was able to record this image using a steeper ISO than I usually like to use.  It’s pretty rare that I’ll use a tripod, so this is purely the work of steady hands.

I love the subtle convex perspective of the bridge’s architecture.  I also liked this image because to me it’s a good visual metaphor.  Last week was a lot of work and by Friday I just needed to blow off some steam and then cool off into the weekend.  It’s like the sunset colors in this image and the way the Bay appears calm and relaxed.

Rick’s Barber Shop

I’m sitting here at Rick’s Barber Shop waiting to get cut. It’s a fine afternoon today and I felt the time was right to visit the Richmond District for a trim. What’s great about this little spot is that after the snipping and buzzing is over they massage your shoulders with this crazy power tool. I can’t wait for that part.