• jane birrell

    Hey Andy,
    A blast from the past!
    I am hoping this is Andy, son of Jane and Hal??!!
    This will seem hugely obscure….but, it’s Jane Birrell, Cam’s mum, from Melbourne, Australia!!… a friendship formed eons ago by the pool at Mountain View Apartments!!!
    Curiously Cam has his own Graphic Design business… http://www.iblamedavid.com.au…..so, you must have both been forming your creative sides over Lego years ago!
    Cam and his fiancee Georgia are getting married on April 10th..and I am gathering email ‘telegram’ type messages from family and friends OS, to read out and surprise them at the reception!……if you are interested in sending a ‘one liner’ to my email address jane.birrell@bigpond.com …..it would be sensational!!!!
    So much love to your folks…how are they doing? Please say a huge hello!
    Much love
    Janie and Stephen Birrell